Individual and collective exhibitions of art (more info on website

Professor of art and expression for children and adults.

Thematic lectures on Art History for adults.

Museum guide for children, teenagers and adults.

Design and organization of children's spaces in public or private places.

Collaborator in educational projects with various educational approaches.

Member of the Board of Directors and founder of cooperative and community projects.

Project design of mutual aid, knowledge sharing and cooperation projects, presential or vitual.

Cultural management and external relations in cooperatives and educational institutions.

Accompanist families and individuals providing artistic and personal growth tools.

Bach Flower and Reiki therapist for all ages.



Spain - Barcelona

/   Columna Publishing House

/   mamaG, parenting and education

/   Cooperativa Cultural Rocaguinarda

/   EcoRocaguinarda

/   Fundació Eulàlia Torras de Beà (FETB)

/   Campaign Mastiempoconloshijos

/   School of Art Adelina Gaeta

/   ISA (International Studies Abroad)

/   Mammaproof

/   Familias en Ruta

New York

/   Brooklyn Waldorf School

/   Brooklyn Apple Academy

/   Attachment Parenting International

/   Catalan Institute of New York

/   Park Slope Food Coop

/   Prospect Lefferts Food Coop


Reggio Emilia

/   Scuola Steiner-Waldorf

/   Associazione Amaltea

/   Associazione La Cova

/   Caffè letterario Mangiamore

/   Associazione Maison du Soleil

/   Scuola Intermedia Rolando Rivi

/   Associazione Quadrilatero